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Recruitment international is one of the leading recruitment company consisting of highly experienced industry professionals recruiting top performers in range of areas.

Platform for employees

This is a platform for employees looking out for jobs and companies looking out for reliable employees To meet standard of both ends, we utilize powerful tool of transparency and judgements.

Rapid development

Today, we are seeing the rapid development in education sector, demands of employees and expectations of employers.

Dynamics of present world

To adapt the dynamics of present world, we have professional for scrutiny of employees and employers.

Services We Offer:

Our company comprise of a pool of talented and skilled specialists in the field. The experts have updated knowledge of very firm, area and employee demands.
For recruiting we study candidates with the help of our assessment methods and expert’s knowledge. The candidates historical background and academics are maintained digitally, we maintain records of different aspects, so we get the critical insight and information about the candidate.

Our Blog

Recruitment Market Share, Size

Global Recruitment Market Research Report 2020 focuses in detail on key manufacturers profiles with granular market share analysis, manufacturing technology, market access strategies, revenue forecast, and regional market analysis. In addition, the main strategic activities in the market are discussed, which include product developments, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships. The report offers meticulously prepared statistics showing the comparison of the above estimates for all years of the 2020-2026 forecast period.

The Recruitment market analysis report contains all the analytical and statistical information about the market overview, growth, demand and forecast research with strong overview and solution in the composite world of the Recruitment industry. Highlights of the Recruitment Market Research Report include the major market dynamics of the industry. Various definitions and classifications of industry applications and chain structure with upstream raw materials, sourcing strategy and downstream buyers are provided. They accurately estimate market share, CAGR, production, consumption, price.

The Recruitment market report provides insights into the industry chain, market share of key players and upstream raw material suppliers involved in the market based on industry chain analysis, labor cost, process analysis production, the cost of raw materials and the cost structure of producing the source of raw materials for the main producers in the Recruiting sector and downstream buyers. Furthermore, the report presents some important proposals for a new project of the Recruiting industry before evaluating its feasibility.


“One member recruits another”
The recruitment of new members takes place in the sections and by active members. Possibly, the sections designate a recruiting officer from among the committee members. The propaganda manager coordinates the related activities and receives information and material from his sub-federation and the SEV regarding the planned actions.

It is recommended that various other active and committee members collaborate, so as to convince colleagues and colleagues to join the SEV. Everyone makes use of their own arguments and their belief that they are part of our union. Personal diversity thus strengthens the propaganda activity of the section.

convinced therefore I can convince.
I am motivated to share my belief with each other.I don’t want to pressure and I don’t expect an immediate decision. Tip: Feeling good affects behavior. It’s not always the right time to conduct a recruiting interview. The best time must be identified by the recruiter himself.

Knowledge of the SEV, the section and my interlocutor are invaluable:

I know what I’m talking about so I feel safe. I know the propaganda material and aids and can use them correctly. Knowing what my colleague’s expectations and interests are makes it easier for me.

Tip: The SEV organizes practical courses for recruiters, which help to manage interviews well and to use the best topics correctly.

Starting with a question can make it easier:

Do you know the SEV and our section? Have you heard of it before?
What do you know about the SEV and its business and the advantage of being part of it?

The information will be confidential and won’t be shared to anyone. Similarly, we get the essential details from employers too, so we can share that with the employees and credentials of employers won’t be doubted.

our platform

We link our clients with the right candidate at our platform to increase convenience for both parties. Our lead in the industry is because of the dedicated services to both clients and candidates, our principles which are basis of our company include:
  1. Reliability: We believe in quality which helps in providing reliability to our clients. 
  2. Confidentiality: Sharing personal details is always a ‘No’. 
  3. Effectiveness: We ensure detailed and quick processing to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. 

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To get in touch with our experts, you can reach out to us via email or drop a message on our website. We will make sure to get back to you with a day or two.