Many schools are still wary about incorporating video material in their school marketing mix. Maybe it’s because people think video creation is expensive, slows down school websites, or is unsafe when sharing sensitive material online.

It’s time to put aside assumptions and incorporate video into your school’s marketing mix!

Why Use Video in School PR material?

Video Marketing can rapidly reach and captivate your audience’s attention, while also conveying your school’s distinct culture.

Video is one of the preferred methods for young people to access entertainment, study, and interact, making it an easy approach to engage this tech-savvy generation.

Good Video Content

Not every video material needs to be shot by a pro. Day-to-day school life may supply enough great video footage for regular video news. In some cases, a professionally storyboarded, shot, and edited video may be more suited. Having entertaining video material on your school website also helps with SEO. SEO for schools is the process of ensuring your website ranks higher on search engines with the use of interesting video marketing for schools.

Making School Videos

Follow our advice from conception to completion to maximize your video marketing:


  • Key messaging – what do you want the video to say?
  • Style – do you like a documentary or a more planned and paced film? Will there be narration to assist explain the story?
  • Besides those questions you have to ask Choose students and employees who are enthusiastic about the school and program, and who can talk clearly and convincingly. Like photography, you need to get their permission before filming.


  • Make sure all places are clean, orderly, and showcase your institution. Don’t forget to factor in natural light and acoustics.
  • Brief any interviewees on the video’s essential points.
  • Warm up – allow staff and kids time to get used to being in front of the camera. A fully scripted or AutoCAD method might feel awkward or dishonest.


  • Video duration – on average, 5% of people will quit viewing a video after 1 minute, and 60% after 2 minutes. So, make you sure pay extra attention to the length of your videos
  • Graphics – add animated graphics to your film to strengthen your school’s identity and theme. Consider naming and titling interviewers.
  • Student safety — avoid publishing pupils’ full identities with video footage.
  • Finishing touches — transitions and music can enhance your video. Avoid utilizing outmoded editing procedures. Also, most music is copyrighted, so check for permits.


  • Website – A video on the homepage is immediately engaging and helps SEO. Turn off auto play on videos to avoid annoying regular visitors.This way, parents may save money by receiving a digital prospectus on a CD instead of paying for print.
    • On YouTube — Create a branded channel for your school on YouTube. Hosting videos on YouTube means you don’t have to worry about enormous video files eating up space and slowing down your website. 4 out of 5 consumers will abandon a video that takes too long to load. You can also block video comments if this is a problem.