There is a growing trend towards building outdoor spaces and with the rising popularity in landscape design, it is possible to create stunning outdoor spaces with the mixing of landscape design, horticulture and architecture. The allure of an area out of door to relax in or to host guests is extremely tempting and can be achieved at a reasonable cost. Selecting suitable outdoor furniture has a significant impact on how well the space will turn out, as the primary interior designing components such as wall finishes and décor are generally not found outdoors, and it is difficult to design an equivalent with outdoor space design. This article will describe several tips that will help you select the best outdoor furniture for your outdoor space.

Quality and Materials

It is unwise to compromise on quality when selecting outdoor furniture, as they are expected to last several years and are generally expensive. Unlike indoor furniture, outdoor furniture is exposed to the weather and potentially insects and should be finished to resist the elements and organic growth. Furniture stores such as  outdoor furniture Brisbane stock furniture specially designed for outdoor use, made of materials such as hardwood, steel, and finished with moisture resistant and durable finishes. Wicker or plastics are useable without finishing, are lightweight and much more suitable for outdoor use than the alternatives.

Materials such as cloth and cushion are especially susceptible to moisture and weather effects. They absorb moisture and encourage growth of microorganisms and fungi in the cushions. This can cause odours, deteriorate the furniture or even allergies in the users. Therefore, if one opts for cloth or cushion furniture, they should be protected from the weather at all times.

The alternative is packing the outdoor furniture away when they are not in use, which requires that the house have space to store them safely for extended periods and they are light enough to be easily manoeuvrable. It also has the drawback of requiring one to shuffle around with large furniture every time the outdoor space is required which may discourage people from using it, even subconsciously. However, it offers the advantage of allowing the same outdoor space to be used for multiple functions by cycling through multiple furniture sets.


Outdoor space design is just as important as interior design and aesthetics plays a large part in the selection of outdoor furniture. Matching furniture with the landscape design elements such as plants, walkways and pools allow the creation of beautiful outdoor environment. The environment can be enriched with the use of plants and outdoor lighting. Pool furniture is also an option if the space contains a pool.


The cost of furniture should also be considered, although it is the result of a balance between quality, design, and cost. Specialised finishes and design choices may impact the cost, but a certain degree of durability is necessary for successful outdoor use. Since furniture is a long-term investment, it is prudent to do extensive research before committing to a purchase.