“One member recruits another”
The recruitment of new members takes place in the sections and by active members. Possibly, the sections designate a recruiting officer from among the committee members. The propaganda manager coordinates the related activities and receives information and material from his sub-federation and the SEV regarding the planned actions.

It is recommended that various other active and committee members collaborate, so as to convince colleagues and colleagues to join the SEV. Everyone makes use of their own arguments and their belief that they are part of our union. Personal diversity thus strengthens the propaganda activity of the section.

convinced therefore I can convince.
I am motivated to share my belief with each other.I don’t want to pressure and I don’t expect an immediate decision. Tip: Feeling good affects behavior. It’s not always the right time to conduct a recruiting interview. The best time must be identified by the recruiter himself.

Knowledge of the SEV, the section and my interlocutor are invaluable:

I know what I’m talking about so I feel safe. I know the propaganda material and aids and can use them correctly. Knowing what my colleague’s expectations and interests are makes it easier for me.

Tip: The SEV organizes practical courses for recruiters, which help to manage interviews well and to use the best topics correctly.

Starting with a question can make it easier:

Do you know the SEV and our section? Have you heard of it before?
What do you know about the SEV and its business and the advantage of being part of it?

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